Methods of Cheating Online Casinos In Backgammon

Backgammon is now one of the few casino games that are slowly becoming a haven of gamblers cheating online casinos. This is not surprising at all and this could become worse as more money comes into the picture.

Cheating in Internet backgammon can be classified into three categories. Let us take a look at each one of them.

The first kind of cheating in online backgammon is optimal play. There is no clear cut strategy when it comes to this kind of cheating. Optimal play cannot be classified as cheating since it only violates the terms and conditions of a certain service and not against general backgammon rules.

Internet game manufacturers should set their sights on developing games that do not use optimal strategies since it would be beneficial to their design and operation. Removing optimal strategy can stir interest among players.

The second class of online backgammon cheating is dice and randomizer attack. Gamblers can target the randomizer procedure. This kind of method is reportedly made on different online casinos. Randomization is used by computers using clever non-linear functions and usually integrated with clock information. The spaces in this kind of function are minimal and its structure is open for analysis. While some online casinos utilize genuine randomizers, there is still no guarantee of safety since they can be slow in picking up its randomness.

The problem in randomization comes in with scam programs or methods claiming to have the ability to forecast succeeding random numbers. These gimmicks have been widely used in roulette as well as online poker.

Another approach in this area is by subverting the randomization procedure. This is a result of faulty system design - generation of random data produces results for other competitors. There are some online backgammon sites that make use of both deterministic and non-deterministic randomization in order to push for a stable randomization process which allows the players to check by themselves the randomness and fairness of the numbers.

Another cheating method in backgammon is tournament attacks. This is prominent in most online backgammon competitions, games that involve multiple players, and the ladder format. In this method, players use several identities that can beat them as a way of demoting their rank. Likewise, they use these identities as a stepping stone for winning. They can have the option to forfeit games to prevent them from losing and exploit other services the game can offer.

As a summary, cheating online casinos is gaining ground and Internet backgammon is just one of the many casino games where scam artists make their living.