Understanding The Complexities of Cheating Online Casinos

If you think that cheating online casinos is a difficult thing. Think again. If you know someone who is great in hacking computer programs, you can just ask for their help. All it would need are proxies, cache clearing, cookies, and stuff like that.

Long ago, a group from Thailand went about cheating online casinos. Using a less complicated technology, the group hired a bunch of skillful gamblers. Then, these players played in one poker room using money financed by the Thai mob and they had a great time winning. So if you are interested in cheating without being caught, then read on.

The first thing you need to bear in mind is that online casinos are not entirely automated. Humans are still the ones who operate these gambling websites. They can easily block any attempts by online gamblers to cheat. They can conveniently distinguish if the user is a bot or human. You can counter it by getting someone to respond to the actions of the casino operator. But then again, if you have made substantial winnings already, the online casino can easily ban you for cheating.

If you are persistent with trying to cheat the gambling site, logging in as another user is another option. However, most online casinos have a program that downloads the map of your computer's configuration. If you used similar machines twice, despite being a different user and using proxies, you can still be detected as one user.

Still, you are left with another option and that is to switch to another online casino. However, the program is linked to a central database that several casinos purchase. This software keeps your hardware configuration in a remote location. When you have been banned in an online casino, the other sites will detect that you are logging in and will suspect that you will try to cheat. Since two casinos have already blacklisted your computer specs, moving from one casino to another will be very difficult for you. However, this could be your escape route because sharing information to a competitor is not a sound business tactic.

However, you can try other options. Using a virtual machine is an alternative. In the end, however, they will still be detected as being one and the same machine. Making changes in the configuration of your hardware would not offer a great deal of help.

As you can see, cheating online casinos is difficult. With all the latest technology surrounding online casino security, your best chance of succeeding is using the low technology model used by the Thai group.