Cheating Online Casinos Through Collusion

Most people are aware of the fact that the odds in online poker always favor the house. No matter how hard you try, it is just too hard to beat the house legally. For this reason alone, people would not have second thoughts to resort to cheating online casinos just to have a shot at becoming a winner.

In online poker, one of the most popular forms of cheating is collusion. It involves two individuals conniving to perpetrate this method. Here the perpetrators log in to an online poker room and play in similar tables. They use a pre-arranged system to send signals to their partner in crime. This is based on the fact that two heads are better than one and it creates more possibilities for making money.

In reality, however, the possibility of being rewarded in collusion is quite remote. The degree of difficulty is much higher than many people think it is. Nevertheless, two players conniving in collusion would make some head way against their opponents. Most online poker rooms have measures in place to apprehend colluding players. Gamblers who will be caught doing collusion will be immediately banned from the site.

Collusion is always done in online poker rooms. Statistics reveal that one out of five online poker tables have players colluding in a certain manner. However, most collusion efforts do not materialize and fail to generate some income. Here are four reasons why colluding players eventually abandon this method.

The first reason is that the method of communication is clear cut. The system they originally planned does not work out which eventually leads to mistakes and miscommunications.

In addition, the colluding players cannot focus on simultaneously communicating with another player, evaluating their hands, and devising a strategy for their hand. Consequently, they develop marginal hands because of the advantage that they developed by colluding with another player.

Moreover, they cannot muster enough support from other people to join in their scheme. Adding another player will not work and will be unproductive. Two people is not enough to change the complexion of the game especially if there are four to eight more people in the table.

Finally, most of these players do not know how to capitalize on their new found strength. They communicate with their friend over the phone without any indication of what they would do.

Indeed, cheating online casinos is possible especially in online poker. In fact, there are many methods available on the Internet but collusion is not as effective as you would perceive it is. So forget about attempting it and save yourself from being embarrassed.